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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Your Online Job Search

Why You Need Online Job Searching
With 1 out of 10 job seekers out of work, making connections, networking, gaining recommendations, and job leads is going to help you find your new career sooner. Many are out of work for months; you should do everything in your power to shorten this time. Doing everything means networking in person but also job searching online via job boards and especially via social networking accounts!

Find The Hidden Job Market
You don’t have to wait anymore for the job opening to be placed in a newspaper or for a job board to place it and then everyone (hundreds of job seekers) jump to respond to that one ad. You can now go straight to the source, which often times is the person working at the company.
Who else can you find online via Twitter? Recruiters, hiring managers, the companies you want to work for. Further, you can make new friends/acquaintances via your social networking and perhaps as soon as they know there is an opening in that company -- they will let you know!

Controlling What Google ‘says’ About You
Whenever you apply for a job, your new employer will search you in Google -- guaranteed! What will they learn? Are you controlling your online image? By connecting with other professionals in your industry online, sharing your wisdom, demonstrating your expertise, and providing links to your resume-- you are branding yourself an expert in your field!
Google Profile, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook are going to provide first-page results when someone Googles you! Will they find you?

The Free Twitter Account Set Up
This is why with every Package, until the end of January, you will receive a free Twitter account set up, complete with a Job seeker Job Search Starter Kit which includes:

Adding your picture: Uploading picture to ensure it looks great!

Changing your Twitter background: Customizing your Twitter background so you are immediately unique online.

Follow 200+ career, job search coaches, and recruiters: This is going to save
you months in exploring, sourcing who to follow, researching online to find out who is
the best! I am an approved expert on Twitter and I have been watching and networking
with the right people.

Searches saved for you: Based on your job target, I will create searches for you in Twitter that you can simply just click on and find out the latest in that topic such as discussions, latest news, and job leads.

Your first tweet: I will strategically compose this for you! I will use information from your interview with me so this tweet will be in your own voice and very targeted. You will introduce yourself well with the first tweet and you will gain a better idea of what you should tweet in the future.

Twitter for job seekers guide: You will receive instructions from me in writing so you know exactly what to do once you are online! (Valued at $19.99)

Thirthy-minute Twitter consult: You will have 30 days to set up a free Twitter consult. This is a $75.00 value. I recommend you don’t set it up as soon as we finish all your marketing documents. Instead, you should try Twitter on your own for a while. Read the Job seeker guide and then call me when you need more help. The reason for this is you will most likely have more questions after you start using Twitter.

Total savings is $295, plus months of online searching and unemployment! You will gain my expert career pros to follow immediately!
Okay, so why am I offering this? I have seen first hand the difference a social networking package makes for the clients that have purchased it. They come across very helpful resources and find jobs quicker. I desire for all my clients to be successful in this tough economy. Not only because I am a very caring professional, but let’s face it, it is good for business that customers are more than 100% satisfied. It is also another distinguishing factor for my services; in addition to the fact that I am one of only 28 Master Resume Writers world wide! I care, I am always searching for ways to improve my assistance to you!
Okay, so now that you are convinced, please visit Resume Service Prices; choose your category, and then you must order any package (not resume only) in order to take advantage of this special offer.
If you have any questions, please call me at 303-600-8603 or email rvargas@creatingprints.com

Other account setsups are available such as Google Profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. at $200. each or $150 each if you will purchase 3 or more. Other services available, web resume and job search coaching.
Master Resume Writer
http://www.resume-service-pro.com/ (Under construction; Launching in January)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Interview: Piece of Cake

The practical management of your job search will lead to a successful capturing of an interview, read my new blog post Interview: Piece of Cake.

In this new post I provide job seekers advice on how to best engage during a job interview and in turn calm themselves enough to take part in an informative and employer-focused session (Interview).

Hope you enjoy if you have an recommendations for blog post topics, feel free to comment. As always, if you have any questions, I am here to help you can email rvargas@creatingprints.com

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Career Collective -- Collaboratively Helping Job Seekers

I've been invited to participate in a group of expert career coaches and certified resume writers called, Career Collective. Visit http://careercollectiv.net/

You can follow us on Twitter and use the hash tag #careercollective

We will blog monthly on the same topic to provide job seekers with different perspectives to tackling job search obstacles. Be sure to check out my first post for this group here: Resume Writing blog and follow links to my colleagues' wonderful blog posts.

If I can be of any assistance, please email me at rvargas@creatingprints.com or visit my website


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Certified Resume Writer -- Hiring the Right Help

So many interesting, and unsettling post out there warning job seekers of hiring resume writers. So many in fact that I won't bother making this one a long post. The main message I'd like to convey is that hiring a resume writer is smart! But, like hiring assistance for anything else, perform your due diligence. What would be considered your due diligence? Well, for starters, I know first hand that a resume writer that is certified has trained, honed their skill, and has proven to a very discerning panel that they deserve the certification. I can at least vouch so for the following certifications (because I proudly possess them!).

Nationally Certified Resume Writer by The National Resume Writers' Association

This certification requires the writer earn CEUs (education credits) before he/she can submit samples for review. These samples are reviewed to determine if the resume writer is ready to take a very comprehensive test, which includes a challenging grammar test and developing a resume and cover letter that wins over the votes of resume-writing leading experts! In order to maintain the certification, the writer must nurture industry knowledge and continue to earn CEUs.

Master Resume Writer Credential by Career Management Alliance

This is considered the cream of the crop! The most elite certification out there, which is only granted to writers with more than five years in business; who have excelled at demonstrating their knowledge via an extremely challenging grammar test; and who have impressed
with a Master Portfolio, some of the most discerning judges ! Certification must also be maintained by proving to the judging panel that the writer has evolved. Proof is conveyed via resubmission of a Master Portfolio and an essay in which the writer enlightens the judges as to how the writer has morphed into an even more masterful writer!

Academy Certified Resume Writer by The Resume Writing Academy

This certification is only earned after a very comprehensive eight-week course during which the resume writer trains with leading experts, Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow, who also hold the Master Resume Writer credential. These ladies are experts not only because they earned the Master Resume Writer credential, in addition to other numerous credentials, but they are experts because they have been successful in this business for more than 20 years, have numerous books published (Google them or look them up on Amazon.com); and they continue to give back to the resume-writing community via webinars, teleclass, and seminars. Moreover, they help executives navigate their careers successfully and empower these executives with remarkable resumes!

Back to the course, the Resume Writing Academy provides a rigorous course, requiring the resume writer prepare numerous resumes and cover letters based on challenging candidate profiles. The work is scrutinized by these experts and the writer will only attain their certification if he/she passes each assignment with an 80 or above!

Another great certification association is Career Director's International. I am in process of attaining this certification, so I will keep you posted and I will come back and blog about my experience. So far, I can share that the professionalism demonstrated by the members who are certified via this organization and the attentiveness, knowledge, and hands-on leadership provided by the President, Laura De Carlo, has motivated me to pursue this certificate.

Ok, so I was wrong when I said this would be a short post (I got a bit fired up!). My point is that you should at least begin with someone who is certified if you are weary of not hiring a professional. Now, I must say there are very good writers who are not certified yet! But, beginning your search with a certified resume writer will at least narrow down your search and provide you certainty of qualifications. Still, ask for a free consult, get to know your writer, email that writer your resume, have them provide you feedback!

My last point is that certified resume writers don't come cheap! Why should they? Why would you want them to be cheap? Hiring someone to create your marketing tool (resume), should be something you are happy to invest in as it will save you money and make you money in the long run!

As always, if you have any questions, email them to me at rvargas@creatingprints.com. Feel free to email me your resume for a critique as well.

My telephone number is 303-600-8603!


Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

Resume Writing Expert

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Job search: Special Attention Goes a Long Way!

Erica had been searching for a job (or even just a good lead for months)! She sent out countless of resumes daily; answered online job postings, emailed them directly to recruiters and hiring managers -- yet, little responses.

I asked her, " Erica, tell me how you are conducting your job search?" What are you saying in these emails?" She replied, "Nothing. I am just sending out the resume and the cover letter attached."

I was perplexed! NOTHING!? How could this be? I could hear the frustration in her voice, but I advised Erica that although I understood she was tired of emailing 30+ people per day and obviously she was angry at the no call backs, she needed to personalize every email. I will say it again...PERSONALIZE EVERY EMAIL! (No matter how many emails you have sent out.)

Let's analyze this advice for a moment. Erica was tired, frustrated, and was desperate for any lead -- but on the receiving end of her email there was a person who had been receiving countless of resumes and was probably bored of all the submissions. The hiring manager certainly was not going to take the extra step and open the attachment of an empty email, which conveyed such lack of care. Why would the hiring manager take another look at Erica's empty email? To be nice? Sure! But, in this economy why leave it up to nice?

Make it easy for hiring managers to want to meet you. Outline in an email what is about to come in the resume and cover letter attached. Make a connection. Show you are are are real candidate who knows they will bring value to the company. The special attention will result in better results -- It sure did for Erica!

As always, if you need my advice or assistance, please email me at rvargas@creatingprints.com.

Rosa E. Vargas
Master Resume Writer
Jobsearch Consultant
Creatingprints Resume Service

Monday, July 6, 2009

Twitter Can Work as a Great Job Search Tool!

Everyone wants to know how can you use a social networking site that only allows you to communicate in 140 characters or less for a job search?!

I can understand your doubts and at first, I too was very confused and doubtful about Twitter. You really have to begin to start using it and use it well in order to fully understand the magnitude of how powerful this tool is and how it can connect you to others who may lead you to a great job or business opportunity!

You must keep in mind that the Internet is about gaining information -- Twitter is about sharing information and that is your ticket!! How you impress others and gain their respect is via the value of your tweets (messages) and via the value of your tweets, you will build your online presence and establish yourself as a pro in your industry. If someone is looking for a pro in your industry -- guess what! They will be led to you by someone who is following you, thinks you are qualified, and knows you are searching for a job!

Read my latest blog post here http://www.resume-writing.typepad.com/ and email me at rvargas@creatingprints.com if you have any questions.

Rosa E. Vargas
Certified Resume Writer
Master Resume Writer
Creatingprints Resume Service

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Blog Post on Job Search Strategies

It has been a while since I posted to this particular blog. To catch you up, I have been relocating from Florida to Colorado. Like many of you who have had to relocate for job purposes -- I am not immune to that scenerio! So my husband and I packed and moved!

Having recently experienced the job search woes in my own family, I wrote a blog post to advice everyone to employ a strategic and aggressive job search campaign.

I am a resume writer but can tell you that if you are sitting back and waiting for your resume to do all the work -- that is not an effective job search campaign. Take control, follow up on all leads, be prepared, and thank every one for any lead!

If you have any questions, please email me at rvargas@creatingprints.com

Rosa E. Vargas
Certified Resume Writer
Job Search Consultant
Creating Prints Resume Service

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Free Resume Evaluations

Is your resume ineffective? The job market is competitive -- but with a professionally prepared resume, you will give yourself and edge! If you would like to inform yourself before hiring a resume writer, email your resume to rvaras@creatingprints.com or call 407-802-4962.

You can also visit www.creatingprints.com for more information!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Certified Resume Writers Can Help You in Your Job Search

New blog post located at http://www.resume-writing.typepad.com/! Be sure to visit, sign up for the blog or submit your resume for a free critique.

You have any questions, as always, email rvargas@creatingprints.com

Rosa E. Vargas

MRW - Master Resume Writer
NCRW - Nationally Certified Resume Writer
ACRW - Academy Certified Resume Writer

Visit: www.creatingprints.com

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rosa Vargas Earns Elite Resume Writing Credential

Hiring practices have changed enormously over the last decade as employers gravitate to online postings, resume databases, and automated screening software. Combine these changes with the recent surge in unemployment, and job seekers face a complex and challenging task to create their marketing materials and manage their job search for best results.

Now, Rosa Vargas of Creatingprints.com is better prepared than ever to provide job seekers with the powerful tools they need in today’s highly competitive job market. Rosa has completed a rigorous training program to earn the Academy Certified Resume Writer designation – a new, high-level certification that signifies mastery of best-in-class resume strategies.

Earning the ACRW indicates that a resume writer has successfully completed all components of the Resume Writing Academy, an intensive and comprehensive training program that teaches the following skills and concepts through classroom study, training assignments, independent learning projects, and intense individualized feedback:

* Resume Strategy & Client Positioning

* Resume Writing Styles, Trends & Techniques

* Cover Letter and Thank-You Letter Writing Styles, Trends & Techniques

* Personal Branding for Resumes

* Resume Formats, Designs & Structures

* English Language & Grammar

The Resume Writing Academy (http://www.resumewritingacademy.com/) is the first comprehensive, strategically focused resume training program that teaches writers of all experience levels how to develop resumes that get noticed and get results. Founded and led by industry leaders and multi-published authors Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark, the Resume Writing Academy is recognized for its rigor, high standards, and accomplished graduates.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Worst Resume Mistakes

Visit Resume Writing Help by Creating Prints to read my latest blog post. Interesting conversation going on regarding funny, embarrassing and common resume mistakes.

Comment now! http://resume-writing.typepad.com/


Rosa E. Vargas
Resume service by Creating Prints

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Resume Samples

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where Can You Find a Certified Resume Writer

Certified Resume Writers belong to industry organizations such as the National Resume Writers' Association; Career Directors International, Career Management Alliance and The Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

Certified Resume Writers go through extensive training and testing in order to earn their credential in resume writing, ensuring that you are hiring a professional dedicated to providing the very best! Additionally, those colleagues of mine who have not yet attained certification, but belong to these organizations are usually in pursuit of their credential. Know that any member, whether certified or not, demonstrates dedication above the norm. Good place to begin (if you want advice of an expert!).

With so many people looking for employment right now, many resume companies are being established. While I frankly cannot comment on others who I don't know, I do know that beginning with professionals who are certified or belong to one of these industry organizations will already place you in the hands of serious professionals.

Any questions? I am an email or ring away! Rvargas@creatingprints.com 407-802-4962. Be sure to visit my resume writing blog http://www.resume-writing.typepad.com/ and website at www.creatingprints.com.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Resume Writing Specialist Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. It is my intention to provide you with insight on the resume writing industry, offer you my expert services, and highlight why you would benefit from hiring a certified and credentialed resume writing professional.

I am a resume writing expert with two distinguishing certifications: MRW- Master Resume Writer and the NCRW– Nationally Certified Resume Writer. I have helped careerist from entry-level to top-tier executives. I also run a blog that is strictly informative providing you with resume writing information, tips, and advice. Please visit me at Resume Writing Blog by CeatingPrints.com and sign up as a subscriber. Via this blog, I’d like to connect with you more personally, allow you to get to know me as a person and a professional.

If you are in need of expert assistance from a specialist, call me at 303-600-8603 or email me at rvargas@creatingprints.com. For services visit: http://www.creatingprints.com/