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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Certified Resume Writer -- Hiring the Right Help

So many interesting, and unsettling post out there warning job seekers of hiring resume writers. So many in fact that I won't bother making this one a long post. The main message I'd like to convey is that hiring a resume writer is smart! But, like hiring assistance for anything else, perform your due diligence. What would be considered your due diligence? Well, for starters, I know first hand that a resume writer that is certified has trained, honed their skill, and has proven to a very discerning panel that they deserve the certification. I can at least vouch so for the following certifications (because I proudly possess them!).

Nationally Certified Resume Writer by The National Resume Writers' Association

This certification requires the writer earn CEUs (education credits) before he/she can submit samples for review. These samples are reviewed to determine if the resume writer is ready to take a very comprehensive test, which includes a challenging grammar test and developing a resume and cover letter that wins over the votes of resume-writing leading experts! In order to maintain the certification, the writer must nurture industry knowledge and continue to earn CEUs.

Master Resume Writer Credential by Career Management Alliance

This is considered the cream of the crop! The most elite certification out there, which is only granted to writers with more than five years in business; who have excelled at demonstrating their knowledge via an extremely challenging grammar test; and who have impressed
with a Master Portfolio, some of the most discerning judges ! Certification must also be maintained by proving to the judging panel that the writer has evolved. Proof is conveyed via resubmission of a Master Portfolio and an essay in which the writer enlightens the judges as to how the writer has morphed into an even more masterful writer!

Academy Certified Resume Writer by The Resume Writing Academy

This certification is only earned after a very comprehensive eight-week course during which the resume writer trains with leading experts, Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow, who also hold the Master Resume Writer credential. These ladies are experts not only because they earned the Master Resume Writer credential, in addition to other numerous credentials, but they are experts because they have been successful in this business for more than 20 years, have numerous books published (Google them or look them up on Amazon.com); and they continue to give back to the resume-writing community via webinars, teleclass, and seminars. Moreover, they help executives navigate their careers successfully and empower these executives with remarkable resumes!

Back to the course, the Resume Writing Academy provides a rigorous course, requiring the resume writer prepare numerous resumes and cover letters based on challenging candidate profiles. The work is scrutinized by these experts and the writer will only attain their certification if he/she passes each assignment with an 80 or above!

Another great certification association is Career Director's International. I am in process of attaining this certification, so I will keep you posted and I will come back and blog about my experience. So far, I can share that the professionalism demonstrated by the members who are certified via this organization and the attentiveness, knowledge, and hands-on leadership provided by the President, Laura De Carlo, has motivated me to pursue this certificate.

Ok, so I was wrong when I said this would be a short post (I got a bit fired up!). My point is that you should at least begin with someone who is certified if you are weary of not hiring a professional. Now, I must say there are very good writers who are not certified yet! But, beginning your search with a certified resume writer will at least narrow down your search and provide you certainty of qualifications. Still, ask for a free consult, get to know your writer, email that writer your resume, have them provide you feedback!

My last point is that certified resume writers don't come cheap! Why should they? Why would you want them to be cheap? Hiring someone to create your marketing tool (resume), should be something you are happy to invest in as it will save you money and make you money in the long run!

As always, if you have any questions, email them to me at rvargas@creatingprints.com. Feel free to email me your resume for a critique as well.

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