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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Your Online Job Search

Why You Need Online Job Searching
With 1 out of 10 job seekers out of work, making connections, networking, gaining recommendations, and job leads is going to help you find your new career sooner. Many are out of work for months; you should do everything in your power to shorten this time. Doing everything means networking in person but also job searching online via job boards and especially via social networking accounts!

Find The Hidden Job Market
You don’t have to wait anymore for the job opening to be placed in a newspaper or for a job board to place it and then everyone (hundreds of job seekers) jump to respond to that one ad. You can now go straight to the source, which often times is the person working at the company.
Who else can you find online via Twitter? Recruiters, hiring managers, the companies you want to work for. Further, you can make new friends/acquaintances via your social networking and perhaps as soon as they know there is an opening in that company -- they will let you know!

Controlling What Google ‘says’ About You
Whenever you apply for a job, your new employer will search you in Google -- guaranteed! What will they learn? Are you controlling your online image? By connecting with other professionals in your industry online, sharing your wisdom, demonstrating your expertise, and providing links to your resume-- you are branding yourself an expert in your field!
Google Profile, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook are going to provide first-page results when someone Googles you! Will they find you?

The Free Twitter Account Set Up
This is why with every Package, until the end of January, you will receive a free Twitter account set up, complete with a Job seeker Job Search Starter Kit which includes:

Adding your picture: Uploading picture to ensure it looks great!

Changing your Twitter background: Customizing your Twitter background so you are immediately unique online.

Follow 200+ career, job search coaches, and recruiters: This is going to save
you months in exploring, sourcing who to follow, researching online to find out who is
the best! I am an approved expert on Twitter and I have been watching and networking
with the right people.

Searches saved for you: Based on your job target, I will create searches for you in Twitter that you can simply just click on and find out the latest in that topic such as discussions, latest news, and job leads.

Your first tweet: I will strategically compose this for you! I will use information from your interview with me so this tweet will be in your own voice and very targeted. You will introduce yourself well with the first tweet and you will gain a better idea of what you should tweet in the future.

Twitter for job seekers guide: You will receive instructions from me in writing so you know exactly what to do once you are online! (Valued at $19.99)

Thirthy-minute Twitter consult: You will have 30 days to set up a free Twitter consult. This is a $75.00 value. I recommend you don’t set it up as soon as we finish all your marketing documents. Instead, you should try Twitter on your own for a while. Read the Job seeker guide and then call me when you need more help. The reason for this is you will most likely have more questions after you start using Twitter.

Total savings is $295, plus months of online searching and unemployment! You will gain my expert career pros to follow immediately!
Okay, so why am I offering this? I have seen first hand the difference a social networking package makes for the clients that have purchased it. They come across very helpful resources and find jobs quicker. I desire for all my clients to be successful in this tough economy. Not only because I am a very caring professional, but let’s face it, it is good for business that customers are more than 100% satisfied. It is also another distinguishing factor for my services; in addition to the fact that I am one of only 28 Master Resume Writers world wide! I care, I am always searching for ways to improve my assistance to you!
Okay, so now that you are convinced, please visit Resume Service Prices; choose your category, and then you must order any package (not resume only) in order to take advantage of this special offer.
If you have any questions, please call me at 303-600-8603 or email rvargas@creatingprints.com

Other account setsups are available such as Google Profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. at $200. each or $150 each if you will purchase 3 or more. Other services available, web resume and job search coaching.
Master Resume Writer
http://www.resume-service-pro.com/ (Under construction; Launching in January)


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