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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Job search: Special Attention Goes a Long Way!

Erica had been searching for a job (or even just a good lead for months)! She sent out countless of resumes daily; answered online job postings, emailed them directly to recruiters and hiring managers -- yet, little responses.

I asked her, " Erica, tell me how you are conducting your job search?" What are you saying in these emails?" She replied, "Nothing. I am just sending out the resume and the cover letter attached."

I was perplexed! NOTHING!? How could this be? I could hear the frustration in her voice, but I advised Erica that although I understood she was tired of emailing 30+ people per day and obviously she was angry at the no call backs, she needed to personalize every email. I will say it again...PERSONALIZE EVERY EMAIL! (No matter how many emails you have sent out.)

Let's analyze this advice for a moment. Erica was tired, frustrated, and was desperate for any lead -- but on the receiving end of her email there was a person who had been receiving countless of resumes and was probably bored of all the submissions. The hiring manager certainly was not going to take the extra step and open the attachment of an empty email, which conveyed such lack of care. Why would the hiring manager take another look at Erica's empty email? To be nice? Sure! But, in this economy why leave it up to nice?

Make it easy for hiring managers to want to meet you. Outline in an email what is about to come in the resume and cover letter attached. Make a connection. Show you are are are real candidate who knows they will bring value to the company. The special attention will result in better results -- It sure did for Erica!

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